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How to install AWS Copilot CLI?


I want to get started with AWS Copilot. What’s the best way to install it?


The easiest way to install AWS Copilot is using Homebrew. With Homebrew, you can easily install AWS Copilot if you’re running on Mac or Linux. To install the Copilot CLI, follow below instructions:

brew install aws/tap/copilot-cli

If you need to upgrade Copilot, you can use following command:

brew upgrade aws/tap/copilot-cli

And to uninstall Copilot, you can run:

brew uninstall aws/tap/copilot-cli

If you’re running on Windows, you need to manually install the CLI. Run the following commands in your terminal to install the Copilot CLI:

Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile 'C:\Program Files\copilot.exe'


It’s much easier to use Homebrew to manage Copilot package. If you can’t use Homebrew, you can perform manual installation by following the instructions on