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How to use the codes and initialize the Copilot app?


I want to run the workshops. How do I get started?


Each of the workshop requires you to initialize a Copilot application. To do this, you need to clone the Github repo and initialize the application using copilot init command.

The path for the source code and Copilot app name will be provided in each workshop.

Step-by-step Guide

All source code in this website is located at codes/ folder which you can find it at the root of the repo. Please refer to the workshop instruction to know which source code path you need to work on.

Clone Github Repo

To clone the Github repo and get the source code, follow the instructions below:

  • Open terminal
  • If you’re using SSH, do a Git clone by running this command:
git clone
  • If you’re using HTTPS, Git clone by running following command:
git clone
  • Navigate to the source/ folder and you will find all source code for each workshop

Initialize Copilot application

All workshops require you to initialize Copilot application. In this example, you will initialize the hello-copilot/ application

  • Open terminal
  • Navigate to codes/hello-copilot/
  • Run copilot init <WORKSHOP_APP_NAME> command

You will have similar output as below:

✔ Created the infrastructure to manage services and jobs under application hello-copilot..
✔ The directory copilot will hold service manifests for application hello-copilot.
Recommended follow-up action:
    Run `copilot init` to add a new service or job to your application.


While you can use the guided instructions provided by Copilot, most of the workshops require you to define them manually. For an example, with copilot init — without the application name — Copilot will guide you to create a new application, define the service name and providing you an option to deploy to specific environment.

It’s advised to follow the manual approach so you have a better understanding on how to define each component with Copilot.